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Is It Really Free?

The simple answer is: YES!

Joboroo does not charge anything for the use of the EasyPost Job Posting Application or Applicant Tracking System (ATS) when you purchase your job postings through Joboroo.

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What does this mean?

When you post your jobs through the Joboroo system, Joboroo will charge you the exact same amount you would pay if you purchased the postings through the individual boards (with a few rare exceptions... more about that later). Basically, you choose the boards you want to post to, we collect the information we need to post to those boards (simultaneously - without ever leaving our site!), you enter your credit card information to pay for the postings, and we post the jobs for you. You may also purchase job packages from Joboroo and post jobs through the system using your packages. Once again, you pay the same amount as you would if you purchased the package directly from the board.

How can you offer this service for free? What's the catch? Are you trying to sell me something?

Unlike the providers of some other free products, we have no ulterior motive - we are not trying to sell you anything, will not send you unsolicited email, will not sell your information, etc. We are perfectly happy to explain our revenue model and how we are able to offer this service for free. Joboroo has relationships with the various job boards under which we essentially receive a commission for postings that are purchased through our system. This does not affect the price of the postings at all - you still pay the exact amount you would pay if you went directly to the board. We then get a small percentage back from the board, and it is these commission payments that supply our revenue and allow us to provide the EasyPost posting service, as well as the ATS, for free.

What about those rare exceptions you mentioned earlier?

Almost every job board (such as CareerBuilder, Dice, and Monster), pays Joboroo a commission. But there are some that do not. These are usually smaller niche boards, industry-specific boards, or boards that do not charge anything for postings.

In many cases these boards are supported at the request of Joboroo users.

When you post to one of these boards, Joboroo will charge a small posting fee in addition to the actual cost of the posting. This fee covers the time it takes to communicate with the board and get it set up in the Joboroo system, as well as the time it takes to actually post and verify each job.

When a posting fee is required, it is usually $10-$20. Our clients quickly recognize that the benefits are worth the small fee.

The convenience of being able to post to your favorite niche boards using the same simple interface with all of the applicants from all boards collected into the same ATS for review saves time and money. Posting fees are the exception. For the majority of postings there is no additional cost, and Joboroo! is completely free.

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