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Applicant Tracking Features

Applicant data from all job boards and your Company Website are collected in Joboroo's easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System.

Prospects are ranked by their responses to your customized filter questions. You can quickly identify qualified applicants from the pool of all applicants from all job boards.

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Central Repository For All Applicant Data From All Job Boards
  • Collects text resumes and uploaded resume files (Word, PDF, etc.) for all applicants
  • Track all applicants from your company website and commercial job boards in one central system
  • Compare number and quality of applicants from various sources/boards
Flexible And Powerful Applicant Filtering System
  • Add questions of various types and assign scores to individual answers
  • Applicants are automatically scored and given a percentage for easy sorting
  • Include any number of Instant Knockout questions to quickly eliminate applicants
  • Set a minimum total score for qualification
Search And Flag Applicants
  • Resume keyword search
  • Apply actions to multiple applicants at once
  • Automatic checking for duplicate applicants
  • Store general comments and notes with individual actions
  • Flag applicants for further review
Efficiently Review And Manage Applicants
  • Applicant list includes score, stage, and recent actions/comments for easy tracking at a glance
  • Quickly view only qualified applicants or new applicants
  • Quickly view flagged applicants, applicants with pending actions, or applicants for a particular job
  • System keeps track of which applicants have been viewed, by whom, and when
  • Track actions such as conversations, email communication, interviews, offers, etc.
  • Add your own applicants to the system
  • Upload unlimited number of files for each applicant
Automated Email
  • Customize email message sent to applicants after they apply for each job
  • Forward resumes and other applicant data via email
  • Forward multiple applicants at once
EEO Reporting
  • EEO data captured from applicants on a voluntary basis
  • Aggregated EEO report is available on request

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